Technical SEO could be described as the nuts and bolts of an SEO campaign. The technical setup is the first thing to get right and most websites will have at least some technical issues that will impede performance in the search results. We go through everything to make sure a website is set up correctly to allow it to reach its maximum potential in the search results.

  • Page redirects
  • Removing 404 Errors
  • Identifying and fixing broken links
  • Site migration management
  • Duplicate content removal
  • Removal of spam links
  • On page SEO
  • Page content audits

Technical SEO is often the most neglected or least understood part of the whole process.

Yet SEO doesn’t really work without it, which is why we insist on carrying out all the required checks before proceeding to ensure there are no hidden problems that may undermine SEO efforts.

We Remove Your SEO Bugs

We use the latest SEO software to find anything that might be holding your website back in the search results. From 404 errors to duplicate title tags, you can be confident we are on to them.

We Fix Anything That’s Broken

Broken links can be a real pain for SEOs. Links are probably the most important aspect of SEO but they can sometimes break or go to the wrong places. We have the technology to find and fix them.

Starter & Advanced SEO packages

Our packages are designed to grow with your business from small startups to SMEs to white label services.